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'Primo' - S2024

Heating Panels

Our new ‘Primo’ Heating Panels with simple manual controls are fully featured with large easy to use control knobs and graphics. The electronic thermostat features ‘high’ and Eco settings that assist to reduce heating costs in your home, workplace or office.

They also feature all the enhancements of our ‘Premier’ panels including the hand finished white powder coat panels and new design of the heating element that ensure longevity, performance that we warrant for 10 years. 

Also available in: White



Technical Specifications

  • Sizes: W: 460 mm H: 400 mm D: 75 mm
  • Wattage: 1000/500W
  • IP Rating: 20 drip proof  
  • Installation: Wall mount
  • Finish Colour: White 

Support & Documentation

Key Features

  • Easy to use manual controls
  • Asthma Safe, louvered downward-pointing air outlets that reduce dust build-up
  • Flexible functions, with Frost - watch and adjustable thermostat
  • Easy Mount Bracket
  • Eco Settings
  • Elegant & Slim Design
  • Splash Proof System