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Sciolto - S2059

Wall Mounted Fan Heating

The New S2059 ‘Sciolto’ Recessed wall heater will feature Our new efficient and quiet tangential fan which delivers greater air flow and an adjustable thermostat ensuring the perfect temperature in both large and small rooms and hallways. The refined and stylish design seamlessly blends into any room and instantly provides superior warmth and comfort at the push of a button.


Our clever recessed controls retract to give a flush and elegant outlook while seamlessly controlling the desired room temperature. The powerful 2400-watt output will quickly warm even the largest rooms and meeting spaces and features and automatic safety cut-out system. These heaters are designed and precision engineered in our own factory from high quality long lasting materials. They have also been designed to fit most Skope recessed heater cavities to allow for easy replacement.

Avalible 2019. 


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