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'Appollo' - S6069

Outdoor Heating

The “Appollo” portable outdoor heater has been exclusively designed by our engineers to provide a solid and sturdy outdoor heater that can be placed almost anywhere in complete safety. The strong aluminium frame encases our powerful 1.3kW glass fronted infrared heater S6068 with a large, highly polished reflector to give you a maximum heat output with minimum fuss. Rubber elbow and base protectors make the Portable Patio Heater completely non-slip and able to be placed on a wide range of surfaces from tiled and shiny wooden floors to desks and cabinets.


The “Appollo” is also environmentally friendly and built to ensure the safety of the user. It produces no pollutants or emissions unlike gas heating and the infrared technology ensures no heat is wasted by pleasantly heating people and not the air, leading to up to 95% reduction in running costs.

Also available in: White, Black



Technical Specifications

  • Sizes: W: 501.5 mm H: 330 mm D: 380 mm
  • Wattage: 1300W
  • IP Rating: IPX54
  • Installation: Portable
  • Finish Colour: Black and White
  • Construction: Anodised Aliminium
  • Weight: 7.0Kg

Support & Documentation

Key Features

  • Portable lightweight Design
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly - No emissions
  • Crystal Safety Glass
  • Classic Elegant Design
  • Powerful long life Infrared heat lamp