Helios S6000 & S6001

New Products: Helios S6000 & S6001 Professional

Say Hello to Helios!

Serene is proud to introduce the new Helios S6000 & S6001 Professional infrared heaters just in time for those early spring & summer evenings! These cutting-edge outdoor heaters are a significant advance, incredibly flexible and simple to operate. They are designed to endure the harsh New Zealand weather outdoors however thanks to their stylish outlook and efficient 2000-watt output, they are also perfect for use indoors.

The ground braking Helios Professional S6001 with its innovative and unique touch control allows the heat to be adjusted from 750 to 2400 watts at the touch of the cool handle and the progressive blue LED lights indicate the heat setting. The advanced single heat Helios S6000 features a similar stylish design and heavy-duty aluminium construction and can be used in all conditions making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial installation; inside as well as outdoors.

Both the Helios S6000 & S6001 are environmentally friendly unlike costly polluting gas heaters infrared technology heats objects and people rather than the air resulting in up to a 95% reduction in running costs.

The Helios S6000 & S6001 professional are available now from all Electrical and Plumbing wholesalers and Serene stockists nationwide.