Sirio a new dimension in home heating

A new dimension in home heating

We live in a world that demands responsible use of energy, materials and minimum waste and at Serene we are committed to increased environmental awareness and protection by encouraging the more efficient use of energy and resources.


Sirio is the result of this awareness as together with our Italian partner we undertook two years of research and development to create a Panel Heater that for the first time delivers a heating solution that is truly energy efficient and who’s use definitely reduces power consumption and cost.

Efficient and stylish ‘SIRIO’ features our European Consumption optimisation technology to provide the simplest economical yet advanced home heating solution available. SIRIO is fitted with an advanced electronic interface and adjustable digital thermostat which for the first time in any panel heater delivers an intuitive user experience by allowing the room temperature to be controlled with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Celsius.

Choose among 5 heating modes for perfect comfort:

  • Weekly programmable room temperature and heating period,
  • + open window detection function,
  • frost protection and ECO functions allows you to adapt the working time of SIRIO to your everyday life while saving save energy.

The intelligent optimised heat management programs automatically reduce power consumption when the room temperature reaches the required level and then automatically monitors the power consumption to ensure that always the minimum amount of power is used.

The slim stylish and silent design with backlit LCD screens less than 100mm thick and the advanced convection design ensures quick even heating andIP24 protection against sprayed water makes these SIRIO heaters ideal for installation in wet spaces as well asliving spaces, bedrooms and offices.

The SIRIO integrated electronic control system, is able to maintain the comfort level you want, with absolute precision while at the same time contributing the energy saving efforts needed to save our planet.

To ensure compliance with the latest European LOT 20 ECO & SAA requirements ‘SIRIO’ was designed in Italy & produced in our Zhongshan factory.

Model S2028 – 1000 watts
Model S2029 – 2000 watts