Customer Service

At Serene we work closely with our customers before during and after purchase to ensure they get the best out of their Serene product. Our support team provides exceptional aftersales and warranty advice for the lifetime of your Serene product.

Our product range is stocked and sold by all leading Electrical and Plumbing Wholesalers and Specialist Bathroom outlets who all have experienced knowledgeable staff who will always be happy to assist with any product queries.

Should your Serene product malfunction in any way the fastest way to obtain assistance or warranty replacement is to contact the company that installed your product.


Who is my local sales representative?

Serene has representatives that cover the whole of the New Zealand, click here for their details. For Australia please contact :

Are there any safety tips I need to be aware of?

Yes, firstly always refer to the products instruction manual which can be found on each product page or support section. The following general tips may also be helpful:

  • Use this appliance with the voltage specified on the rating label.
  • Be very careful not to touch hot surfaces or moving parts.
  • If the supply cord becomes damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified person, in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Regulations require that electrical work be carried out by authorised persons. For your own safety and that of others ensure this is done.
  • When used by or near young children or infirm persons, close supervision is necessary. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • DO NOT use this appliance other than for its intended use.

Who to contact for customer service and support?

In New Zealand you can call: (3) 344 5550.
See the contact details on this page, or send us a message using the contact form located in our contact page.

Does my product have a warranty, and what is covered?

Yes, if you are the original purchaser of a Serene product it will generally be covered by either our 2, 5 or 10 year replacement warranty.

This will generally cover any defect in workmanship or materials resulting in the product malfunctioning, while under correct domestic use. Please see the warranty card included with all products for full terms and conditions.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Please contact or take your product along with the warranty card and proof of purchase to where the product was purchased. Always keep the warranty card and your purchase receipt as these documents are required in order to make any warranty claim. We recommend that you fill out the warranty card at the time of purchase.

Why is my product no longer listed on your site?

Our range of products continues to evolve as we make improvements to our range. In case your product is no longer listed, it is likely to be discontinued and no longer produced. Have a look at our Product Page as it is likely there is an updated version of it.

If you are looking for a specific document, you can refer to the table below which also includes discontinued products. Thank you.

Where do I find my nearest Serene Official reseller?

You can find your nearest official Serene reseller here. (New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe).


Supplier Declaration of Conformity document
Sdocs can be accessed and downloaded below or from the relevant product pages.
All Serene products have one.

Towel Rails

Simplice Square | SS5/SS7/SS7W
Simplice Round | CC5/CC7
Trade Connection | TC5/TC7


Digital Scales | S4011
Parisian Mirror | S4022
Venice Rack | FTRC-S

Discontinued Products

Premier | S2022/23
LTRS Rails
MC Rails
SLTR Rails
STR Rails

Compliance Certificate
They can be accessed and downloaded below or from the relevant product pages.
All Serene products comply or exceed safety standards.

Panel Heaters

Clima | S2030/31
Intimo | S2026/27
Primo | S2024/25
Serenity | S2020/21
Sirio | S2028/29

Bathroom Heaters

All Metal | S2088
Classic | S2068
NZ Favourite | S2078
Tesoro | S2033

Space Heaters

Elite | S2067
Optima | S2055
Roma | S2044
Sciolto | S2059

Towel Rails

Simplice Square | SS5
Simplice Square | SS7
Simplice Square | SS7W
Simplice Round | CC5
Simplice Round | CC7
Trade Connection | TC5
Trade Connection | TC7


Digital Scales | S4011
Parisian Mirror | S4022
Venice Rack | FTRC-S

Discontinued Products

Premier | S2022-23
LTRS Rails
MC Rails
SLTR Rails
STR Rails